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Acceptance Mark "Getting Your Timing Right" - December 18, 2006.
"Statistics furnished by TimerTrac show that some
timers are delivering outsized-if not quite magnificent- performance. For instance, Brazilian firm Timing-Lab's
... trading returns were more than four times the Nasdaq 100's ..."
Acceptance Mark
Timing-Lab is a professional stock market timing system aimed to beat the long-term performance of the major broad market indices (buy-and-hold investor) by making money from both bull and bear markets. Its trading signals are directed towards securities or mutual funds which match these indices, providing the investor with a diversified portfolio and a very good return/risk ratio.
Why can Timing-Lab help you improve your stock market results?

 It is based on a mechanical system that avoids emotion-based decisions.

 It participates in the market's big swings up or down, achieving long-term high percentage returns.

 It makes when and what to invest in crystal clear.

 It does not let you miss the boat by being on the sidelines.

The tool, based on a technical model fed with market data only, generates unambiguous and easy to follow end-of-day trading signals. Just a few calls per year are issued, the quantity being dependent on market conditions. Investment vehicles that track the NASDAQ-100 index are the principal target of the investment system. Since a high correlation exists among most global stock markets, the system may be applied with good results on trading instruments that track other worldwide stock  indices such as  the Russell 2000 and the S&P 500 (U.S.), the FTSE 100 (U.K.), the DAX (Germany), the Nikkei-225 (Japan),  the Bovespa (Brazil) and other mature and emergent markets.

In addition, our practical editorials on investment topics help you to manage the other factors needed to control your investments and also the important emotional side of investing. Historically, the stock market has presented the best long-run return among the traditional financial instruments. To achieve higher performance than a broad market benchmark is a big step towards a shining financial future. Become a member of the Timing-Lab service and take control of your financial outcome by building this future step by step.


Since 01/03/1995 as of 12/19/2018
Nasdaq-100 at market close: 6342.97
Since 01/03/1995 as of 12/19/2018
Nasdaq-100 at market close: 6342.97
There are many Nasdaq-100, Russell 2000 or S&P 500 index tracking instruments. Among the most popular are the Nasdaq 100 Index Tracking Stock (ticker: QQQQ), the iShares Russell 2000 Index Fund (ticker: IWM) and S&P Deposits Receipt Trust Series (ticker: SPY). These are very liquid instruments and the favorites of market timers.